Hope in Times of Political Uncertainty.
An Understanding of God's Role in Politics.

“A view of a controversial president that may offer reassurance to Christian readers.”
“It’s insights on leadership are HUGE.”

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The tumultuous political climate of the past year that pitched liberals against conservatives may have give the impression that that conflict is the most significant issue facing the American public. It is not. Of far greater importance is the conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies and God and the Devil.


Dr. Patric Rutherford is a consummate pastor and spiritual leader. He enjoys preaching the gospel, doing educational presentations on mental health and providing pastoral counseling especially for couples preparing for marriage. 


When our spiritual lives are shaken and we lose the divine perspective, we are prone to look more to government to meet our needs and secure our future.

— God and President Trump, Introduction

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CH. 15 Mahatma Gandhi

A nation that opens itself to the rest of the world is open for the blessings of God.